MarketMake 2021

Building the future of finance

Jan 15 2021 - Feb 5 2021
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FlashSuiteMarketMake 2021
FlashSuite is a set of tools created in a user-friendly interface with Flas...
Offs.ethMarketMake 2021
Our goal is to offset Blockchain transaction by purchasing CO2 token credit...
Orca Protocol
Orca ProtocolMarketMake 2021
A flexible and adaptable DAO implementation
Rahul Mittal
Rahul MittalMarketMake 2021
SIGH Finance consists of an on-chain lending protocol designed to farm 'Vol...
Safekeep_Web3BridgeMarketMake 2021
A smart contract that acts as a special kind of wallet where you must provi...
mm-aave-fluid-delegateMarketMake 2021
A depositor is able to delegate fluidly (continuous | instant) to a borrowe...
Fantasy X
Fantasy XMarketMake 2021
A fantasy gaming application similar to fantasy football but geared towards...
SimpleFiMarketMake 2021
SimpleFi makes it easy to track your DeFi investments. See exactly what you...
APYinMarketMake 2021
Historical lending returns calculator on idle assets
Arbitrium - Options Price Comparison
Arbitrium - Options Price ComparisonMarketMake 2021
An options aggregator comparing both DeFi and CeFi options.
Aave Liquidator
Aave LiquidatorMarketMake 2021
Create a liquidator bot (or libraries a liquidator bot might use)
Mobile App for AAVE
Mobile App for AAVEMarketMake 2021
We aim to built native mobile app (Both iOS and Android) for AAVE. By allow...
SimpleDefiMarketMake 2021
A simple project to make deposits on the best available offer in DeFi
DethLockMarketMake 2021
Adding a time-release to ownership of ETH and ERC tokens
MalusMarketMake 2021
7% peer to peer cashback using Dai.
QuadraticTreasury (Q2T)
QuadraticTreasury (Q2T)MarketMake 2021
Q2T combines DIDs, Mutual Credit & Quadratic Funding to allow (1) a sybil-r...
The Watchful Eye
The Watchful EyeMarketMake 2021
A bot that allows users to set stop-losses on the value of an existing debt...
Levered.financeMarketMake 2021
Decentralized margin trading protocol for opening long and short positions ...
Upala Digital Identity
Upala Digital IdentityMarketMake 2021
Identity as a service. Alternative to state ID. Identity uniqueness is repr...
PolarisMarketMake 2021
A decentralized, transparent, fair, diverse lottery platform. It ultilizes ...
ContractMarketMake 2021
Incentive Based Buyer/Seller Prevention
LiquiDeFiMarketMake 2021
Provide functionality to link a wallet and transact with the AAVE protocol.
ExtraCreditMarketMake 2021
Margin Lending app connecting lenders and borrowers
MantisMarketMake 2021
Leverage on Aave using 1inch.
idea-factoryMarketMake 2021
Decentralized Startup incubator/funding pool that promotes investing and co...
CreditDelegateMarketMake 2021
Delegate credit on AAVE through UI
TOP5SWAPMarketMake 2021
A crypto currencies exchange platform allowing to perform up to 5 swaps at ...
NotRealMarketMake 2021
Tradeable AI-generated art NFTs that earn you passive income through AAVE
Awesom Pensions
Awesom PensionsMarketMake 2021
This is a project to create a financial crisis resistant pension platform
Haciendas MarketMake 2021
A fun, social and visual way to discover and learn DeFi protocols
Matic cross chain arbitrage opportunity graph
Matic cross chain arbitrage opportunity graphMarketMake 2021
CAT allows you to observe the historical price margins of ERC20 tokens betw...
Fuji Borrow
Fuji BorrowMarketMake 2021
FujiBorrow is the first protocol that aggregates borrowing rates from multi...
Ether Tree - Securitising Lapse Risk
Ether Tree - Securitising Lapse RiskMarketMake 2021
If you don't forget to water the EtherTree, you will get a share of the fru...
BananaBreadMarketMake 2021
Boost a collateralised loan with a non-collateralised loan.
Aave V2 User Retention Dashboard
Aave V2 User Retention DashboardMarketMake 2021
Aave V2 User Retention Dashboard and Funnel Analysis
AAVE-Teller-MachineMarketMake 2021
The aave teller machine is a physical cash liquidity provider.
gov10MarketMake 2021
Gov10 is GovTech that aims to solve the problem of routing digital attentio...
TuaTaraMarketMake 2021
Crypto market and culture watch; stream synthesis bot. An audiovisual prog...
tBTC Deposit redemption service / log oracle
tBTC Deposit redemption service / log oracleMarketMake 2021
An attempt of capturing other contracts events via an oracle
NFLend (Subject to change!)
NFLend (Subject to change!)MarketMake 2021
A lending market that uses Aave credit delegation to allow loans against ER...
MamemakiMarketMake 2021
VTuber token on Matic
OctoBayMarketMake 2021
Onboarding GitHub Users to Ethereum: Decentralized tool for transfers, boun...
refi-loanMarketMake 2021
Allows to refinance loan in DeFi space by leveraging credit delegation.
Bazaar.financeMarketMake 2021
We allow for a more sustainable financing of mission critical open source p...
Continuous Coin Offering
Continuous Coin OfferingMarketMake 2021
Reimaging ICO Fundraising
AAVEtrageMarketMake 2021
AAVEtrage is a dashboard focused on interest rate arbitrage. AAVEtrage allo...
PolytaxMarketMake 2021
Taxes and Profit/Loss tracking for Defi
UniScan by Graph
UniScan by GraphMarketMake 2021
Build an application to show live activities such as transactions, gas, fe...
ClaimableMarketMake 2021
Airdrops are great, but did you miss any? How about POAPs? Now you'll know....
DropletPoolMarketMake 2021
Lossless Membership dApp
Tokenized Asset Donation
Tokenized Asset DonationMarketMake 2021
Automatically donate earned interest on tokenized assets from Aave's Lendin...
Flash Daddies
Flash DaddiesMarketMake 2021
Shame front-runners by awarding untokens.
MarketMake_HackProjectMarketMake 2021
A failed attempt to build simple UI for Aave flash loan and/or credit deleg...
Crypto Portfolio Defi Token
Crypto Portfolio Defi Token MarketMake 2021
Using the Aave platform to list our token and enable portfolio positions to...
Big Mac Index
Big Mac IndexMarketMake 2021
A seignorage token that aims to stay pegged to the total crypto market cap ...
Silk link
Silk linkMarketMake 2021
Silk link is an Oracle project, which provides offline price and data for N...
Daeuri Prosperity
Daeuri ProsperityMarketMake 2021
Token rewards bank to service an inclusive development community, giving de...
FidoByteMarketMake 2021
A tokenized shelter-dog walking protocol.
PaladinMarketMake 2021
Paladin is a governance lending protocol. This new money lego allows users ...
AAVE-LeverageMarketMake 2021
You can leverage on your aave position by utilizing FlashLoan and 1Inch Swa...
Price oracle connect  dotnet
Price oracle connect dotnet MarketMake 2021
A set of extensions that help to use Aava's oracle and data provider and ch...
coinfu.ioMarketMake 2021
Workflow automation for cryptocurrency investors
SakéMarketMake 2021
Create a trustless system for undercollateralized loans by implementing a c...
Cortex Hedge
Cortex HedgeMarketMake 2021
Hedge the exchange rate risk of USD stablecoins
Liquidation-ProtectorMarketMake 2021
A bot that protects from aave-liquidation event
The Creative Platform
The Creative PlatformMarketMake 2021
A creative blockchain platform for independent creators and brands to excha...
LevAaveMarketMake 2021
Non custodial Onchain Leveraged positions powered by Aave and 1inch
OpenMarketMarketMake 2021
A decentralized alternative to FB Marketplace, where you have to stake a sm...
CopyTraderMarketMake 2021
Put your transactions on autopilot and follow advanced ethereans strategies
HenkiNetMarketMake 2021
AAVE Credit Delegation V2 Workflow ERC 1155 Tokens, Token Farms and DAO & A...
PoolsideMarketMake 2021
Poolside is a one-stop shop to discover new listings and top movers in DeFi...
West Texas Oil
West Texas OilMarketMake 2021
EthGlobal Market Make Hackathon - Solving crude oil theft by reconciling Bi...
UMA1InchSynthMarketMake 2021
Create long and short synths for $1INCH token using UMA Protocol on Kovan N...
DeFi Train by Protekt Protocol
DeFi Train by Protekt ProtocolMarketMake 2021
The easiest way to onboard a friend into DeFi! Hop on the DeFi Train!
Stake Your Name
Stake Your NameMarketMake 2021
Keep your ENS name safe using automatic renewals
Future Salaries
Future SalariesMarketMake 2021
Pay salaries to scientists, free software authors, etc. using money transfe...
Refungible Estate
Refungible EstateMarketMake 2021
Refungible assets based game that demonstrates Defi concepts and gives expo...
StableYieldMarketMake 2021
StableYield simplifies lending/borrowing on Aave with automatic collateral ...
WinvoyMarketMake 2021
Winvoy is a decentralised invoice finance platform for small and medium bus...
Gearbox protocol
Gearbox protocolMarketMake 2021
Uncollateralized protocol for margin trading
FiberMarketMake 2021
An Aave flash loan analytics web app for better understanding and reacting ...
AVGMarketMarketMake 2021
NFT based lucky coupon system by using with aave
Islamic Aave
Islamic AaveMarketMake 2021
This is an attempt to implement a Shariah-compliant version of the Aave pro...
ZygoMarketMake 2021
A priceless limit ordering system.
ENS Analytics
ENS AnalyticsMarketMake 2021
Anaytics Dashboard to Track ENS Domain lifecycle
Lend2Protocols (
Lend2Protocols ( 2021
Undercollaterized loans to Dapps and protocols using aave delegation credit
Deer FlashLoan Protocol
Deer FlashLoan ProtocolMarketMake 2021
A decentralized flash loan marketplace that enables flash loan for any toke...
HelloToken FlashLoan
HelloToken FlashLoanMarketMake 2021
FlashLoad powered by Aave
V-CredMarketMake 2021
Enabling short-selling in DeFi using Aave credit delegation and One inch
DeriOneMarketMake 2021
An on-chain crypto options aggregator that gives traders and developers the...
STONK Master
STONK MasterMarketMake 2021
An easy to use contract enabling the use of Aave flashloans to leverage a p...
InterestSimulatorMarketMake 2021
An interest earned simulator for the Aave deposits and borrows.
immortal-hearing-aidMarketMake 2021
Allow people with hearing loss really owned their audiogram
Aztec Interactive NFTs by Zenbit
Aztec Interactive NFTs by ZenbitMarketMake 2021
Experimental blockchain game playable with interactive crypto-collectibles ...
AAVE Liquidation Protection
AAVE Liquidation ProtectionMarketMake 2021
AAVE Liquidation Protection Bot. Avoid liquidation penalties and take preci...
Aave Credit Delegation
Aave Credit DelegationMarketMake 2021
Aave Credit Delegation allows a depositor to deposit funds in the protocol ...
QuickzapMarketMake 2021
A payment gateway to allow decentralized payments
Credit3MarketMake 2021
Unsecured lending vaults using Bloom, Molecule, and Aave
BitFincaMarketMake 2021
BitFinca is a blockchain-based lending platform that allows anyone to micro...
Sublimate.Finance – Streamable Tokens
Sublimate.Finance – Streamable TokensMarketMake 2021
Make every second count! Whether you're an artist, open-source dev, content...
ZEUSMarketMake 2021
sports prediction market + flash loan credit delegation
Copyright Securities (Royalhits)
Copyright Securities (Royalhits)MarketMake 2021
Copyright assets that are already tokenized would be accessible on our plat...
BetterMarketMake 2021
Let your ecosystem improve your dApp.
Hush Hush
Hush HushMarketMake 2021
Hush Hush is a privacy extension to Aave interest bearing tokens that suppo...
Lump.FinanceMarketMake 2021
Lump Finance is a decentralized-support platform that allows content creato...
LeveragerMarketMake 2021
Leverage on AAVE using Flashloan and 1inch swap
ShelterMarketMake 2021
peer to peer coverage protocol on Layer 2
Vesting Party
Vesting PartyMarketMake 2021
Vesting Party is a platform for hosting token distribution events, we call ...
N3RDefiMarketMake 2021
Welcome to N3RDefi - Enter the N3RDs g33k-o-system, come join us as we game...
Governor Alpha Vote Splitter
Governor Alpha Vote SplitterMarketMake 2021
Vote Splitter lets users 'rent out' their votes for Governor Alpha (Compoun...
Fund The Restaurants
Fund The RestaurantsMarketMake 2021
An dapp that allow customers to donate funds to restaurants
DigiU.Lab team
DigiU.Lab teamMarketMake 2021
Cross-Chain Swap DeFi platform based on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain vi...
aDebtMarketMake 2021
A marketplace for loans from aave credit delegation where aave holders can...
ALKEMYMarketMake 2021
Create a way to recover access to wallets via a secure , decentralized, and...
SharedStake.orgMarketMake 2021
The easiest way to stake ethereum for an eth2 validator and earn yield
ShuttleX.financeMarketMake 2021
DeFi based life insurance with leveraged Aave crypto-asset depositors as re...
chronchainMarketMake 2021
Chronchain is bringing valuable real life asset in decentralized Finance.
BlossymMarketMake 2021
A unified platform for fans to donate crypto to their favorite creators and...
Aave Wasabi
Aave WasabiMarketMake 2021
Markets to buy and sell risk
dVIXMarketMake 2021
A protocol for making decentralized volatility index feeds for synthetic to...
yAAVEMarketMake 2021
Allow Aave users to delegate borrowing power to the yearn platform
LiquiDefiMarketMake 2021
AAVE liquidation notify Telegram bot, backed by Spreadsheet
Premarket Protocol
Premarket ProtocolMarketMake 2021
Synthetic premarket asset protocol built on UMA protocol
Buy Now Pay Later Crypto
Buy Now Pay Later CryptoMarketMake 2021
Buy now pay later means you pay by installments over time, instead of payin...
PawnSpaceMarketMake 2021
A platform that allows people to borrow ERC20 tokens with NFT tokens as col...
Audits R Dead ☠️
Audits R Dead ☠️MarketMake 2021
DeFi insurance platform with an under-collateralized insurance pool that an...
EBT MarketMake 2021
Decentralized Food Stamp System EBT
xCFDMarketMake 2021
xCFD is a decentralized CFD platform built on UMA. It's currently in beta, ...
TwisterMarketMake 2021
A fork of using Optimism's L2 optimistic roll-up
TheraIdMarketMake 2021
Attempt to create a goverment Id using erc 721 and hack in a voting system ...
Fanance Club
Fanance ClubMarketMake 2021
Fanance club is a Sports stars trading platform where one can invest in the...
RevertMarketMake 2021
Actionable analytics for DeFi liquidity providers
WhiskeyCoinMarketMake 2021
A platform that creates a whisky-backed cryptocurrency to link retail inves...
YakaMarketMake 2021
Yaka is a tool to automatically distribute stablecoins' yield from Aave to ...
deCent Dashboard
deCent DashboardMarketMake 2021
Bring together all your accounts and access the latest price data for your ...
Balancer FYI
Balancer FYIMarketMake 2021
Alternative UI for Balancer Pools
DefiPingMarketMake 2021
Alert system for trades made by pool managers on DHedge