Track cost of collateral and debt using Chainlink. When PnL reaching user-defined boundaries (stop-loss and take-profit). Can be assembled in single transaction: 1. Get Flashloan eqaul to debt 2. Repay user debt 3. Swap user's collateral to debt using 1inch API 4. Repay Flashloan

AAVE Liquidation Protection showcase

How it's made

This project uses Go/Gin on the backend, making use of go-ethereum libraries and JS/React/web3 on the frontend with MetaMask integration. It uses Chainlink (off-chain) for pricing information, AAVE flash loans and 1inch swaps to repay loans automatically. One notable thing is the use of an EIP712 message to attest the trust between the user and the bot and the keccak256 signature used to sign the calldata. These are used to protect the executeOperation LendingPool callback from malicious users.

Technologies used