One of Ethereum's strengths is that all transactions are available for people to see. This allows users the freedom to view and understand exactly what happens to their assets whenever they interact with a protocol. It goes without saying though that there is a huge amount of data to sift through if you want to understand what's happening. Searching for data is no easy task and users are often overwhelmed. The goal of is to augment and enhance user's workflows to allow them to make the most of their cryptocurrency experience. showcase

How it's made

At it's core, this project works by consuming, annotating, and forwarding data from blockchain transactions to other third party cloud applications. The Graph is used as the source of blockchain data. UMA data is consumed through the following subgraph: AAVE data is consumed through the following endpoint: This data is then catalogued and saved on a centralised database which the server uses to determine new events which then trigger the relevant task created by the user.

Technologies used

EthereumThe GraphChainlink1inchUMA