Artists get paid by the monetisation of the copyrights they own. This work is done by music publishers that own the right to exploit those assets. More often than not copyright owners offer for sale the ownership of those assets in order to get liquidity providing the buyer with a future income mirroring the way stocks and bonds work. -COSMA (Copyright Securities Marketplace) is aiming to do the exact same thing by opening the window for more people to be part of the staking pool that is created from a copyright. The perfect way to do this is with defi. Given the great tools the blockchain provides, is feasible to put this tokens into an open offer for anyone who is interested in acquiring a portion of such IP assets future income for the long-term. The estimation of the staking price and the way to split the royalties benefit will be made based on data points the creators will bring as well as expectations from the public in general. At the end of the day, every time a song you have a stake on is played you will be profiting from it.

Copyright Securities (Royalhits) showcase

How it's made

The project uses the truffle package to deploy to the blockchain. Is a react app which gets the data from the node running on Ganache (in the case of the development scenario) and Rinkeby (on testnet). It has 4 smart contracts that are intended to generate a total supply of tokens and distribute them depending on the amount staked in the main contract called TokenFarm.sol.

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityThe GraphAaveUMAMatic/Polygon