deCent is a platform that allows users to access information about their various Ethereum accounts under one roof. They can also interact with the Defi ecosystem through the ability to deposit into an Aave lending pool. Whilst the project is still in its earliest stages the aim is to provide people with easy and straightforward access to their funds and the wider Ethereum ecosystem. Also provides easy access to live pricing via Chainlink oracles, so users can track the current value of their favourite pairs.

How it's made

Currently, a terminal application that leverages the library. Communicates with Aave lending pool and Chainlink contracts. Still yet to add functions to withdraw, no database to store user information yet and not hosted on a server yet. Next steps will be: 1. Complete Integration with AAVE API 2. Add database functionality for persistent data storage 3. An easy to use UI Wanted to build something small and manageable, it was a great learning project.

Technologies used