Project Provides Dashboard for ENS Domains, where It's possible to View Life of any ENS Domain ever exists in the history of Ethereum. We are tracking different lifecycle stages of ENS domain like Domain Registered, Domain Transferred, Domain Renewed. Dashboard has following features: 1. Detailed Tabular view of all the ENS domains and It's life cycle stages 2. Filter lifecycle records on Dashboard by ENS domain 3. Filter lifecycle records by owners Address 4. Funnel analytics for domain owners. Track whales and mini whales who own many domains 5. Track new domain registrations and new domain expiring with trend charts. 6. Different Colouring of different life cycle method.

How it's made

Technology Used 1. ENS Subgraph 2. Postgres 3. SQL query 4. Typescript I am using below ENS subgraph to pull Data. Following Entities are pulled and stored in Postgres Tables. 1.RegistrationEvent 2. Registration 3. Domain 4. NameRegistered 5. NameRenewed 6. NameTransferred SQL query is designed to Join different entities and generate Lifecycle of ENS Domain. Also, Search by ENS Domain Name and Owner address is available, this search is directly performed on the database.

Technologies used

EthereumENSThe Graph