Fiber is an analytics tool that offers a real-time feed of flash loans happening on the Ethereum network. It is primarily designed to be useful as a security tool, for teams building in DeFi who might need to monitor flash loans as a potential threat, or as an on-chain analytics tool, for users investigating flash loan activity, perhaps as part of an investment thesis.

How it's made

Fiber is a web app built in React, JavaScript, and CSS. It uses Alchemy and Ethers JS to listen for and process live flash loan data. We use websocket connections to listen to events coming from Aave's lending pool contracts (only v2 right now, but will support v1 as well in the future). When we detect flash loan events, we gather more data from the transaction, decode it, retrieve price data on any associated assets, and store the flash loan in a cloud database. We use a Google Firebase backend to store flash loan data, for quick searching, filtering, and analytics.

Technologies used