Animal Shelters have a lot to take care of every single day, but also have a limited budget. On the flipside, new Wag! Walkers have a hard time building a reputation, and have to rely on cutting price of their service. By tokenizing walks of shelter-dogs, we are subsidizing the cost of a walk for animal shelters while also helping build up a platform-transferrable reputation for walkers.

FidoByte showcase

How it's made

1) Wag API ( on shelter profile data is fed into MongoDB GraphQL endpoint 2) Data flow from endpoint into our custom build Chainlink External Adapter, which is then stored in our WalkBadge contract. This contract also handles minting of badges based on walks done as well as payment of Walk Tokens. 3) Users can choose to upgrade their Badge Level, or buy a DogToy NFT, or redeem 1 Dai per 100 Walk Tokens from our UI. These actions are tracking in our subgraph, which maps to different contracts for the same schema transfer(action,from,value) The Dai redeemed by the user is stored in AAVE to generate interest while it is unused.

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityThe GraphChainlink