Preventing front-runners was our initial goal. However this would require some centralisation, modification of the Ethereum protocol and collaboration by exchanges and miners. With efforts still focussed on front-runners we designed a method to name and shame those who think it's ok to take other's profits. Our project attempts to highlight the beasts of the dark forest by awarding front-runners 'shame tokens' to highlight their nefarious behaviour. This project is a light-hearted attempt to reduce the number of front-runners by highlighting their actions.

How it's made

This project uses the ganache-cli utility to fork the Ethereum blockchain and unlock an account, allowing us to send transactions using a large amount of liquidity. The Infura API is used to gather pending transactions and act as a web3 client. We were using a Pi4 to act as a Fast node but it unfortunately was struggling with memory. The Matic blockchain was chosen to publish our smart contract and send our 'shame tokens'

Technologies used