- AAVE Credit Delegation V2 Integration to a DAO - AAVE Credit Delegation Workflow Token as ERC 1155 - AAVE Credit LTV Tokenisation as ERC 20 - AAVE Credit LTC Tokenisation as ERC 20 - AAVE Credit Risk Tokenisation as ERC 20 - AAVE Credit Score Tokenisation as ERC 20 - AAVE Batch Flash Loan Distribution as a Bonding Curve - AAVE Batch Flash Loan becomes Fusion Loans in a Bonding Curve

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How it's made

This project is an attempt to enhance the AAVE Protocol V2 Credit Delegation Workflow and Flash Loans Functionalities. AAVE Credit Delegation V2 Workflow ERC 1155 Tokens, Token Farms, and DAO & AAVE Flash Loan V2 Bonding Curve Integration Architecture on StarkWare StarkEx DEX. Credit Delegation Workflow is enhanced using the ERC 1155 Multi-Function Token Standard. Credit Delegation Workflow is further divided into components such as Loan to Value (LTV), Loan to Cost (LTC), Loan Credit Risk, Loan Credit Score, etc. Each of these components are tokenized as ERC 20 Tokens. There is a Delegation Farming between Credit Value and Credit Cost tokens created. In addition to these changes to the AAVE CD, this project attempts to distribute the AAVE V2 Batch Flash Loans as a Bonding Curve to make the flash loan distribution seamless and streamlined. This project aims to deploy the AAVE Credit Delegation Workflow and its constituent tokens as an ERC 1155 Token into the StarkWare StarkEx zkRollup based Decentralised Exchange to speed up the transfer and trade of credit delegation economy in its entirety.

Technologies used