Allow people with hearing loss really owned their audiogram


This project is to help people who have hearing loss and allow them to own their audiogram as a portfolio, which will store on IPFS. They have a chance to switch or choose the hearing aid between different manufactures easily without spending a lot of time fitting the new one. Besides, we plan to leverage the IPFS to connect portfolio with external devices and provide further assistance such as personalised bell rings with dedicated frequency.

How it's made

This project uses IPFS to store portfolio(audiogram, settings, etc.) and connect healthcare devices utilising ChainlinkClient. In order to provide a hassle-free environment to the users, we integrate with ENS for sure. I didn't use many tools in this project cause I haven't found any suitable to use or maybe I don't know yet. However, this project aims to help our users easily and safely live a normal life without being confined by centralised organisations.

Technologies used