This project aim to allow user create leveraged position in AAVE v2 via flashloan. With Leverager, user can easily create leverage trade (e.g. ETH against USDC trade) in 3 transaction (or 1 transaction if they already approved the contract). Available leverage depending on the specific pair and desired health ratio.

Leverager showcase

How it's made

1. User approve the leverage asset to Leverager contract 2. User delegate credit to Leverager contract 3. User call Leverager contract 4. Leverager draw a flashloan onbehalf of user to buy the leverage asset 5. Leverager deposit the leverage asset onbehalf of user We used AAVE with it's flashloan and credit delegation feature. The current submission is very minimal due to some unexpected personal matter. We hope to include a frontend UI, more asset support, 1inch integration, isolated margin (smart contract wallet), and more in the future.

Technologies used