A bot that protects from aave-liquidation event


A bot that protects aave-liquidation Bot inputs - User wallet - PnL boundaries Bot functionality - The bot tracks the value of collateral and debt using Chainlink - When the stop-loss or take-profit signals are triggered, the bot runs the below set of steps to avoid liquidation - Get Flashloan equal to debt - Repay user debt - Swap user's collateral to debt using 1inch API - Repay Flashloan

How it's made

I tried using aave and uniswap with OpenZeppelin defender auto tasks to create a liquidity protection bot. I got the defendor to run the liquidity bot to check aave stop loss. I could not integrate uniswap smart contract with save. The uniswap interfaces were 0.6.6 and aave interfaces were 0.7.5. I could not pull this off, but I learnt a lot.

Technologies used