When I joined the hackathon, I was hoping to meet a team of people to work on a project. As a beginner in solidity, I was hoping that I can learn from the experienced solidity devs, while I contribute as a full-stack dev. After the first week of the hackathon, I was still not able to find a team. So I changed my plan and decided to use scaffold-eth and build a simple UI for Aave's flash loan or credit delegation. Soon after starting, I discover that my browser would hang after loading 3-4 Aave's contracts. Unfortunately, I spent too much time trying to investigate the bug, thinking that it might be something on my end as I'm new to scaffold-eth, ethers.js and hardhat. As it turns out, it was just a small bug in scaffold-eth which I helped scaffold-eth's author to fix the bug.

How it's made

I forked and attempt to integrate Aave's contracts using scaffold-eth's methods. I could've just directly use ethers.js methods to load the contracts and kept on with the project. But I know I won't have a chance to win the hackathon, so I might as well make the most out of this and try to make a small contribution to the scaffold-eth project instead.

Technologies used