What is N3RDefi? N3RDefi is a SAFU environment, where fellow N3RDs can come together to form and be part of a community. Being part of a community offers trust, strength, safety and commitment to a united cause, this help reduce and even eliminate bad actors. Once bad actors have been removed from a community, it allows for better growth and yields which can help grow the eco-system. Rewards can vary from kudos for good actions, like social interactions. In addition to various Defi protocols, N3RDefi offers other decentralised financial services like our smart vaults and deflationary yield farming. ## N3RD Diamond The N3RD Diamond is firstly a unique NFT, in a similar fashion to Cryptopunks or Crypto Kitties and Aavegotchi, but N3RDs are unique in the fact that they allow you to benefit from your interactions within our g33k-o-system. Rewards can be issued in the form of N3rdy tokens, NFT's and experience which serves as weight so you can level up your N3RD and earn more in doing so. Rewards earned for being a good player can be utilised throughout the N3RDefi ecosystem, for example to purchase NFT's in our NFT marketplace, these can get staked and either put up for sale or used as a blueprint for artists, so fellow N3RDs can buy a t-shirt, hoodie or cap with their favourite 8-Bit Art. Proceeds would be distributed back to NFT holders in the form of XP, tokens or various other prizes. The SAFU Protocol & Seal The SAFU Protocol ensures all funds are SAFU, with our SAFU Seal smart vault locks, we ensure only legit players can interact with our main vaults and systems. The N3RDefi dApp was buidled with ... Matic for it's awesome rapid prototyping features OpenZeppelin Contracts for added security layers Aave's non-custodial money market protocol and Governance V2 Aavegotchis concept on collectible NFT tokens using the Diamond Standard contract by Nick Mudge Follow us on Twitter @N3RDefi Genesis N3RD

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Theme: 8 Bit Defi Tech: Vue.js Nuxt.js SCSS Solidity Web3.js Ethers.js Hardhat Matic Arkane Wallet OpenZeppelin Aave Aavegotchi Subgraph The sum the hack up here, I was solo-hacker which was tough, but rewarding. I had some issues translating from react.js into nuxt and vue.js, but was triumphant in the end so job done. I got stuck on some other tasks but I'm sure if given the right amount of time and some advice then I'll hack it till I crack it... Genesis N3RD

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