It's an a.i. art market on ethereum, because I believe the intersection of generative AI and curation markets will be huge. Some of the existing problems with NFT markets: Huge oversupply Lack of underlying value Foggy price discovery High fees and slow confirmation solves these with: - structured controlled supply of auctions - royalties and AAVE interest staking for buyers - Fast network agnostic bidding via Matic and Biconomy

NotReal showcase

How it's made

This was built using Solidity, Vue, Firebase, Matic, Biconomy and AAVE. It also uses graph protocol for indexing. It uses EIP712 Meta transactions for seamless network agnostic transactions. Some features such as AAVE and graph protocol need to be re-integrated due to the complexity of integrating it onto Matic.

Technologies used

EthereumIPFSSolidityENSThe GraphMatic/Polygon