The first version of Poolside offers the following core features: 1. New listings from Uniswap with scam filtering (automated and manual curation) 2. Trending tokens (top movers based on volume) and quotes from 1inch 3. Basic NFT data (Aavegotchi) 4. Search Users come to Poolside to discover the latest and promising tokens listed on Uniswap. As we fetch and index new listings, we also apply scam-filtering logic to eliminate the obvious fakes and clones. We also allow admins to manually flag tokens as scams. We believe that this form of curation can later become incentivized through PLSD tokens. The top movers are ordered by trade volume. For each token, one can see the daily and all-time volumes, current price, and change in the past day. The detailed view provides links to the token's website, whitepaper, and etherscan. What differentiates Poolside from existing landing pages such as Defi Pulse? 1. Data is updated on regular intervals and ranked dynamically, not static 2. Scam-filtering 3. Search functionality 4. Wallet integration for personalized results. What's next? We plan to take Poolside further with personalization, integrations with news and scam-filtering token lists, and detection of noteworthy events in the markets. We also plan to continue indexing data from even more sources and types (NFT, Token Sets).

Poolside showcase

How it's made

The new listings and top movers data is provided via the Graph protocol, using subgraphs for 1inch, Uniswap and Aavegotchi. We are also directly interfacing with the Aavegotchi diamond contract on the kovan network using web3 calls to render SVG images of Aavegotchi portals. We are using the Coinmarketcap API to get real-time price data and we are using the 1inch API to get quotes on the 1inch exchange. We were impressed by our ability to add up a few different simple techniques to get a much more filtered list of new listings that manages to reduce almost all scams and surface the most interesting projects.

Technologies used

EthereumThe Graph1inchAavegochi