Refungible Estate is a game where a person can lend, borrow, stake, earn rent over time, rent/loan NFTs, credit delegate, donate and advertise projects, Refungible assets are non-fungible tokens that are backed by a fungible token, Categorized land generation request is displayed in the game. A virtual estate/land is categorized and created according to its sqft area, based on the land's area holdable erc20 tokens are minted which represents the ownership of shares of the land. We have an implemented voxel craft as UI visualization, where a single box pixel is showed as land and building on top of it is showed as a business. A person can set up a business on the land that advertises a person's project. A business can show its timeline, achievements to attract the user's attention, and earn loans, donations. The business owner has to pay a monthly rent of the land according to its sqft area consumed this rent is equally distributed among the shareholders of the land. A business owner can request a loan using aave credit delegation. Land can be rented/loaned as well and even used as collateral for a loan. User can create a land terrain off chain on voxel painter and ask the game devs to start the land sale. The lands voxel view can be stored and later retrieved from a unique id. Chainlink Adapters are used to fetch the off chain data like sqft area, rent, price per sqft into the smart contracts. Aavegotchi’s can be summoned as land keeper they increase the weight of the land properties, people can stake ghost tokens and earn interest. Aavegotchi’s interact feature increases the land score currently we were not able to implement aavegotchi exactly, but did try to mimic as much as possible like the shop facet, aavegotchi facet, and created our own model of yield farming for ghost tokens. ( At present the projects backend is complete but the integration with UI remains, the project is not yet complete)

Refungible Estate showcase

How it's made

We have used threes to create the land’s visualization. React as frontend and solidity as backend. The concept is to sell NFT into parts and reduce as much as contract deployment again and again as possible. So we have followed the clone factory method where one contracts deploys another contract. We have followed RFT that is Refungible Token system for the NFT that is An Nfts share is backed by ecr20 token. The user ownership and all the game-related data is completely stored on the blockchain. We have tried mimicking the aavegotchi flow, We won’t say that we have successfully integrated aavegotchi, but have minimal basic flow. We have implemented Dave’s credit delegation system into our platform. Where users requests for a loan and another person can delegate them. We have successfully implemented the chainlink architecture to pass crucial commercial related offchain data into the smart contracts we have an external adapter :-, and asked a node operator to host our adapter :- oracle = 0xb034658db04bC59065e163C035C23D8B2BCEd54b; jobId1 = "929319a721c74ce4a46395b0f3b27fe4"; This adapter feeds our contract with crucial data that are required for buying shares of land etc, The project is not complete and is only 70% done, Basic workflow backend is completed but some parts of integration remains, As the project is big the submission video is too large, We tried to cut short it as much as possible but still we couldn’t make it any closer.

Technologies used