We are building an analytics tool for liquidity providers on DEXes. We are starting with Uniswap, of course, but we will be adding others exchanges soon. Revert helps you be on top of your position's returns, including reward incentives, and all relevant gas costs. We believe AMMs are to be the main form of market liquidity/volume in the coming years, and are terribly excited that this can imply access to a new form of return streams for retail investors. This can only work out with the appropriate tooling and analytics, which should have the necessary depth and power, but also be accessible and understandable for normal users. We see this as uncharted territory, and believe exploration, discovery, and rapid iteration is the way to find the correct path towards that goal.

Revert showcase

How it's made

We use the graph protocol's subgraphs, but this is just a starting point. Ultimately our system needs to query the AMM contracts directly, look for Mint, Burn, and Transfer events for any pool our users have provided liquidity for. Then we need to figure if the LP tokens are staked in contracts, and if so, how are they capturing incentives. Then we integrate all these data into one clear, simple, and actionable interface.

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityENSThe Graph