SafeKeep is a special kind of wallet that gives you a second chance at accessing your tokens if by chance you misplace your private keys or in a case of death, the tokens/funds are transferred to a backup address that you must have provided when depositing on SafeKeep for the first time. We know who to send his/her token to their backup address by checking if they have not pinged the SafeKeep contract for 6months or more. So there's a special function on the contract that you can call if you dont have a withdrawal or deposit to make for that period but you want the contract to know that you stiil have access and you're still active, just click on Ping. Also, the funds deposited into the contract are deposited into the Aave Lending Pool in other to bear interests on the tokens, which in turn means it's not just a backup wallet, but a way to get some interests on your tokens too instead of letting it just kay fallow in a normal wallet

Safekeep_Web3Bridge showcase

How it's made

This project was built with solidity and regular html, css and javascript, but subsequently, we converted it to React for the frontend and solidity still remained as our backend. This was the first time most of on the team wrote any solidity so it was exasperating and fun at the same time.

Technologies used