Sharedstake allows users to deposit ETH towards an ETH2 validator. We run the validators for the users, allowing non-technical users to also participate. We have no min or max ETH amount. 1000 ETH deposited so far. >100% APY. In a ETH2 pool. When users deposit ETH a vETH2 token is minted and returned. This represents their share and can be burnt to refund it. The deposit contract also has the ability to proxy a deposit call to the ETH2 contract on mainnet. We have 17 validators in queue. We are also on goerli. We have a kovan prototype for opening an AAVE CDP and using it to go short/long ETH and credit delegate back to the user and deposit into our contract. We integrate ChainLink price feeds. FastGas is integrated in our token geysers & deposit contract and used for gas estimation on the site. ETH-USD price is used to calculate CDP and swap position sizing.

How it's made

Website - Vue Contracts - Solidity We have 2 ERC20s, 3 token geysers, 1 merkle airdrop currently deployed on mainnet. These are based on uniswap contracts. The sharedStake deposit contract is custom. WIP: Contract for long/short eth positions via AAVE using ChainLink Example kovan tx: Perpetual merkle distributor: Deposit contract:

Technologies used