This project combines lending pools, governance, and credit delegation to make up the core functionality of the Creative Platform. The Creative Platform is a platform for the creative of all types to collaborate, initialize fan crowdfunding, and submit content directly to brands of all industries. Brands: * Create a new campaign to add liquidity to a pool that creatives can submit content to by depositing Creative tokens (CRTV). * After the submission deadline, a governance vote is in put in place for choosing the winner. - Fans can vote for winners based on staking mechanisms. * Earned interest from the campaign pool goes to the winner of the brand's campaign. Creatives: * Can submit to brand campaigns via uploaded content. * Collaborate with other creatives. * Open individual liquidity pools (after unlocking the perk based on your "Star Power" metrics). - These liquidity pools can be used for touring, album budgets, music videos, etc. Fans: * Can stake into a creative's liquidity pool. * Can vote on creative decisions throughout the artists career. * Can vote on brand submissions * Purchase exclusive (creative x brand) collaboration NFTs.

The Creative Platform showcase

How it's made

The technologies I used were: Scaffold-Eth React.js Solidity Node.js Aave Although, I had minimal team support I was able to import the ABI's for the Lending Pool, Governance, and credit delegation. There's plenty of things I would have done given the time and resources like Chainlink verification for brands and creatives via Twitter handles. Integrated ENS and finished implementing The Graph.

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityThe Graph