Individual documents are components of our day to day life, we have to have them with us at all times and they shouldn't be able to be copied. A Thera Id is an Erc-721 that represents an individuals' Id. People should be presentable, with this extra layer of Identification, this form of individuality, Human and Crypto identification, would benefit security worldwide. The main reason for this following work are people in Brazil who lost their money through forgery of documents.

TheraId showcase

How it's made

ERC 721 Creation, apply to contract, use IPFS to load for each user a specific token number 0,1,2,3,4., token is then delivered to users wallet, Each user has his number this would be necessary to enter the goverment contract and voting dapp. The erc721 can be constructed on Matic and MainNet. The Dapp just needs tickering in MaticProvider. Images are sent to Pinata and hardwired to URI. the voting dapp uses google sheets and Zapier

Technologies used