This project delivers automatic donation of interest accrued by assets lent out on Aave's Lending Pool contract. [1] User selects (a) which asset they would like to lend on Aave Protocol, (b) how much of the asset they would like to send to the LendingPool.sol contact on Aave Protocol, and (c) the percentage of automatic donation of interest accred by the Lending Account. Additions that we wanted but were not able to complete in the three weeks include: [1] Tokenizing real world assets that can be Lent to Aave. This would allow individuals utilize other owned assets that can be leveraged to provide donations.

How it's made

This project connects to a MetaMask wallet and Kovan Infura Provider to interact with the our solidity contracts. The solidity contracts developed in the HardHat framework where we tested the contracts with a forked version of the mainnet and deployed a "production" final contract to Kovan. The frontend client was built with Angular and utilizes Ethers.js to connect the MetaMask provider and wallet to the actual deployed contract on Kovan.

Technologies used