Vesting Party is a platform for hosting token distribution events through Vested Airdrops, we call these events parties. Hosts can use our tooling to distribute ERC20 tokens to eligible users in an effort to promote awareness and align their user community around a common goal. Also hosts can distribute tokens effectively by creating an offer on the platform without having to develop and potentially audit a custom solution. Promoters of tokenized applications and protocols are interested in effectively distributing tokens to their users and prospective users in an effort to establish and grow a broad, and decentralized stakeholder community. We have seen this play out as a consistent pattern across airdrops, and lock-drops, and liquidity mining, those have become a popular way to reward and bootstrap web3 communities, but these programs often don't create the long-term alignment that healthy communities should be aiming to foster. However, creating a custom solution has costs for promoters (development work, audits) and poses additional friction for Users who have to familiarize themselves with a new process, interface, and security assumptions for every promotion they may be eligible for. From a promoter perspective vested rewards are good because they can minimize the immediate price impact of rewards, and attract users who have a longer term view on the asset valuation. From a user perspective vested rewards are less attractive because they have less flexibility and cannot immediately sell the rewards they receive. If we represent vesting contracts as NFTs users would have the option moving the contract to another account, opening the possibility for selling blocks of vested tokens at a discount on less liquid markets. This feature gives users some of the flexibility of a fully vested token reward, while retaining most of the distribution benefits of vested token rewards. Some features that will be add soon are: -Fee mechanism & "Vest Token" Promoters will deposit tokens into offer contracts, we can take a percentage of each of these deposits and convert half of the fee tokens into Vest Tokens, providing liquidity between the fee token and vest tokens to align incentives between communities. -We can deploy to mainet, xdai, and matic. GitBook website with documentation about the project here:

Vesting Party showcase

How it's made

We start with a Hypersprint, a method by to create prototype and validate a product concept. The project uses scaffold-eth as template and aragon-ui for user interface. We have incorporated Uniswap's MerkleDistributor as well as an ERC721 compliant vesting contract for the smart contract aspects of the project. MerkleDistributor to distribute the tokens and ERC721 make Airdrop eligibility transferable. We have deployed the application to rinkeby for now, and intend to polish it and deploy to a L2 Sidechain (xDai or Matic) or Rollup (optimism or arbitrum) in the future. Also we use The Graph to fetch data and Airtable as database for save and take values in JSON file with accounts/guests.

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityThe Graph