The project uses AAVE's credit delegation to deposit into a yearn vault. Steps of the test: - Alice approves delegation to Router with 1 eth - Bob approves delegation with all his reserves - Router’s Gov adds Alice and Bob as delegators - Router can calculate its eth borrowing power, (50% of the total borrowing power) - Gov invests 2 eth through the Router into the vault using ZapSteth - The test travels one week into the future - The test forces a harvest in the vault - Router withdraws from the vault using ZapSteth - The test asserts that the Router made a profit after paying out the debt - Gov is allow to transfer the profit out

How it's made

This project AAVE's credit delegation. A router smart contract is approved by two users through the credit delegation API and the smart contract through gov calls, invest money into a yearn vault. Code is done in solidity and the whole project is built with brownie. Test are done in python and they run on mainnet-fork.

Technologies used