Zygo finance is a fully decentralised pricless trading platform. It was heavily inspired by UMA protocol and uses a network of incentivised bots to perform limit orders on the behalf of its users. The bots are rewarded in the Zygo token for completing limit orders for the protocol and users.

Zygo showcase

How it's made

This project is quite simply a few smart contracts that will hold all the correct funds in escrow on behalf of the parties, however while the funds are held they will be placed in aave lending pools earning the users of the protocol interest. The front end was built with VUEJs. One thing I was very proud of making was giving the Zygo protocol the ability to determine how much gas is being used by the bots who are filling orders and add that onto the rewards in the Zygo token. This ensures that regardless of prices of gas that the bots will always be incentivised to keep filling orders when they are profitiable for the user.

Technologies used