NFTHack 2021

Build the fair future

Mar 19 2021 - Mar 21 2021
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FarmerNet NFTHack 2021
Dynamic non fungible tokens (NFTs) for land-based carbon emission credit wi...
Farmed Particles
Farmed ParticlesNFTHack 2021
Gamification of yield farming in the style of Farmville, built on the Charg...
Nifty.helpNFTHack 2021
A very short introduction to NFTs
MonalizaNFTHack 2021
Mint your NFTs directly to the
River - your digital collection
River - your digital collectionNFTHack 2021
A place to curate, showcase, and enjoy everything you digitally own. Showc...
Super Reality Cards
Super Reality CardsNFTHack 2021
Reality Cards + SuperFluid
NFTPool.ExchangeNFTHack 2021
Uniswap style AMM pools for ERC-1155 NFTs and USDC Pairs to make NFTs more ...
EthernaalNFTHack 2021
Tattoo NFT, DAO, DEFI platform
GoodTokensNFTHack 2021
Good Tokens reframes art ownership as long term commitment to social engage...
Infinifty - Create for Good
Infinifty - Create for GoodNFTHack 2021
The NFT marketplace for artists to put their art to work for social impact ...
zOrbs NFTHack 2021
A simple starter kit for building Non-Fungible Token marketplaces on the Zo...
EthermoreNFTHack 2021
Welcome to Ethermore — An emerging fantasy world built on community and blo...
Universal Creator Income
Universal Creator IncomeNFTHack 2021
A Sustainable Future for Creators: NFT + Social Tokens + DAOs = Universal C...
NFT club
NFT clubNFTHack 2021
Club based on NFT ownership
Creator Rewards
Creator RewardsNFTHack 2021
Enable creators to reward fans with their Creator Coin, and let fans redeem...
Ether Palace
Ether PalaceNFTHack 2021
Every Ethereum block depicted as a sparkling palace
FUNCNFTHack 2021
Func makes NFTs functional. Plug in any NFT and explore endless ways to use...
Onchain Community Manager Using ENS NFTs
Onchain Community Manager Using ENS NFTsNFTHack 2021
ENS NFTs for semantic onchain community directories and token permissioned ...
CryptoBeatsNFTHack 2021
Cryptobeats is a platform for listeners to view their music related NFTs ac...
ttNFTHack 2021
a simple Topology Token that uses for topology-connected Toke...
Creative Collectible
Creative CollectibleNFTHack 2021
A simple example of an app that mints ERC1155 using from Protoc...
xCreative - Changing Royalties
xCreative - Changing Royalties NFTHack 2021
Creating a DAO to manager royalties of NFT
PoochNFTHack 2021
Transfer NFTs across blockchains with Pooch. He's one nifty mother pupper!
NFTChatNFTHack 2021
Bought or sold an NFT recently? NFTChat is a Keybase team where your NFTs u...
Roof^NFTHack 2021
Putting rental security deposits to work. A high yield, flexible, safe and ...
Rare Volumes
Rare VolumesNFTHack 2021
Augmented Reality NFT Marketplace
Rare Coders | Nifty toolbox
Rare Coders | Nifty toolboxNFTHack 2021
NFT toolbox for all! Now mint your Tik Toks!
HeavenlyJungle NFT's Collectibles
HeavenlyJungle NFT's CollectiblesNFTHack 2021
Painting masterpiece that has been created since 1996 by an Indonesian arti...
Non-ZoneNFTHack 2021
A profit-sharing marketplace of stories.
Crypto Corgis
Crypto CorgisNFTHack 2021
Crypto Corgis live (and die) on the blockchain. A corgi is born every block...
InscribeNFTHack 2021
Attach rich metadata to any ERC721's - a protocol for Ethereum deployed on ...
RareFlixNFTHack 2021
A modular framework for decentralized arts publishing, experience and cura...
Project MetaBridge
Project MetaBridgeNFTHack 2021
Authenticate physical items with digital footprint recorded in NFT token
RemixerNFTHack 2021
Remix : Future is Co-Creative
NFTrickleNFTHack 2021
NFT Trickle payments using SuperFluid, built by AngelDAO
BoundlessNFTHack 2021
Boundless: the infinite exhibition, eternally generated by a collective of ...
NFTbaseNFTHack 2021
NFTbase is the metaverse marketplace and community where you can buy, sell ...
OwnftNFTHack 2021
Hardware wallet for NFT that enables you to truly own and showcase your art...
Generative Art NFTs with Gashapon
Generative Art NFTs with GashaponNFTHack 2021
Gashapon is a Mooncats inspired NFT vending machine factory that generates ...
Boson Pool
Boson PoolNFTHack 2021
A pooltogether prize pool that allows participants to stake Boson tokens an...
CollectorsCafeNFTHack 2021
Collectors.Cafe is a social network to discover, exhibit and trade NFTs acr...
Endangered NFTs
Endangered NFTsNFTHack 2021
A NFTs for endangered animals
Like2PriceNFTHack 2021
Like2Price is a tool for estimating the price of NFT arts using online repu...
NFT Hunt
NFT HuntNFTHack 2021
Hunt your favorite NFTs and discuss about them
NFT Junior
NFT JuniorNFTHack 2021
NFT Junior is an NFT marketplace for families and kids
Oh My NFTNFTHack 2021
NFT Marketplace on Matic with transfers to Ethereum
CulturExNFTHack 2021
Bringing culture to ⛓ The cultural NFT marketplace 🌎
mintworthy.artNFTHack 2021
a beautiful tool that helps you reflect and connect with the rarely seen b...
GestaltNFTHack 2021
Collaborative storytelling backed by ZoraOS
CryptoSlimesNFTHack 2021
Collectable slimes on the blockchain that can hang out with you on your des...
NouveauNFTHack 2021
A secondary marketplace for NFTs that is affordable, rewarding and enjoyabl...
RarePizzas: Slice Saber in VR
RarePizzas: Slice Saber in VRNFTHack 2021
A NFT NO-LOSS tournament Virtual Reality game in the name of RarePizzas. S...
RodeoNFTHack 2021
Simple static site generator to make NFT galleries for your website!
Stone Song
Stone SongNFTHack 2021
A keywording tool that guides platform visitors towards the most meaningful...
prana:NFTHack 2021
An eBook publication platform using NFTs. Each copy of every title is an NF...
Iris Quest
Iris QuestNFTHack 2021
A sharable transaction builder for making web3 more accessible
Proof of Attention/Digital Attendance
Proof of Attention/Digital AttendanceNFTHack 2021
We propose a proof of attention protocol where creators and consumers of di...
ArtAlchemyNFTHack 2021
ArtAlchemy is a platform where clients communicate a wish list to their fav...
SouvenirNFTHack 2021
Souvenir enables cities and towns to issue unique local NFTs that individua...
The Nifty Gas Station
The Nifty Gas StationNFTHack 2021
The Nifty Gas Station gives users the ability to mint NFTs at optimally low...
IjazaCertNFTHack 2021
A digital representation for paper based Ijaza on blockchain. This Ijaza is...
MomeNFTNFTHack 2021
NFT platform that allows Twitch creators to sell special moments of their l...
FlashNFT ⚡  📸
FlashNFT ⚡ 📸NFTHack 2021
FlashNFT - Mint NFTs at low cost on Polygon
ArtclipNFTHack 2021
We make a platform that split one video into multiple pieces, makes it into...
EntropyNFTHack 2021
Entropy generates art based on collections you compose and combine.
CacaoNFTHack 2021
A decentralized music platform exploring NFTs as a solution for royalties.
Secret Heros
Secret HerosNFTHack 2021
Secret Heroes is an NFT based card battle game based on secretNFTs - NFTs w...
NFTConnectNFTHack 2021
SuperRare Wordpress Plugin
ZoragonNFTHack 2021
A port of Zora's SDK into the Polygon Network (Mumbai)
NFTreeNFTHack 2021
💸🌲 📈 Deposit funds & watch them grow in an NFTree. Cut it down to releas...
DAOisONENFTHack 2021
NFT embodies the DAO mindset
MysteryDropNFTHack 2021
Mystery collection of NFTs which are sold as an 'unopened box'. When the s...
CezarXNFTHack 2021
CezarX is a collateral lending protocol that enables collectors to take out...
EddyNetNFTHack 2021
A Creative Collective of Chefs to share their recipes with the community of...
milliondollartokenpageNFTHack 2021
Own a piece of crypto history!
Schrödingers Undeliverable Future Derivatives
Schrödingers Undeliverable Future DerivativesNFTHack 2021
Vault, decentralise trust, tokenise, add value, build collections
Big Miniature Tokens
Big Miniature TokensNFTHack 2021
Big Miniature Tokens combine 3D-printed, fantastically fabricated models wi...
hashinkNFTHack 2021
Hashink is the modern version of signing autographs for celebs! Awesome ux/...
Nifty DM
Nifty DMNFTHack 2021
Communicate and connect through NFT’s. Talk to anyone on the blockchain.
PhoenixNFTHack 2021
CRM platform designed to help NFT creators identify and connect with collec...
Mint a Musky
Mint a MuskyNFTHack 2021
Mint a Musky is a decentralised open-source NFT marketplace alternative of...
DeFactoNFTHack 2021
A fully decentralized marketplace for renting out NFTs with multiple forms ...
Genesis NFTHack 2021
Genesis is a platform where emerging NFT artists can build a community, rec...
nftDAONFTHack 2021
DAOVoted NFT Marketplace.
A Dapp for buying, minting, and sharing Ascii Art NFTs (unfinished)
chronstateNFTHack 2021
Fractional and affordable property investment.
CuradorNFTHack 2021
CryptoArt token history on SuperRare
NFT Nexus
NFT Nexus NFTHack 2021
NFT Pet Adoption
NiftyNFTHack 2021
Nifty - a marketplace for Twitch users, who value collecting rare moments.
Bid To Mint NFT Marketplace
Bid To Mint NFT MarketplaceNFTHack 2021
Potential buyers place bids on NFTs. If they win, they can mint. Supports b...
SouljaDropNFTHack 2021
Digital NFT album drop platform with on-chain graphical autograph attached ...
Proof of Presence
Proof of PresenceNFTHack 2021
We explored the idea of NFT art pieces that can be claimed by hackathon att...
DecentreelizedNFTHack 2021
Decentreelized connects donors with farmers to engage in environmental cons...
WhaleShowNFTHack 2021
WhaleShow is a dapp that enables superfans to trade and acquire ownership r...
Baler NFT
Baler NFTNFTHack 2021
Beta testing as a ERC721 NFT protocol server
onchaingangNFTHack 2021
An onchain generative art project that produces cool ascii art!
CryptoVandalsNFTHack 2021
CryptoVandals lets you liberate your NFTs from walled garden platforms. It ...
SuperRenting NFT
SuperRenting NFTNFTHack 2021
NFT platform to allow users to rent their NFTs and be paid in realtime
TokenartNFTHack 2021
Create a decentralized and opensource protocole for legal NFT
NFTs as means of payment
NFTs as means of paymentNFTHack 2021
Remember when humans paid goods with goods? Well it all starts over again, ...
Stories NFT
Stories NFTNFTHack 2021
A dapp that allows reader to buy stories in NFT
NFT w/JS embedded gallery & Print File Upload
NFT w/JS embedded gallery & Print File UploadNFTHack 2021
To create a basic NFT Art Marketplace that incorporates a JS based NFT and ...
CreatorrNFTHack 2021
The goal is for Creatorr to be a platform which helps creators receive fina...
LootVaultNFTHack 2021
LootVault offers a unique way for creators to interact with their fans thro...
VFG is a space created with augmented & virtual reality that provides a vir...
IndiestarterNFTHack 2021
Indiestarter is a decentralized crowdfunding platform connecting creatives ...
NFT Stamp Collections
NFT Stamp CollectionsNFTHack 2021
Tokenize post stamps collections. Operate with stamp collection as one NFT....
snapshotsNFTHack 2021
Lottery game where 1 participant is randomly selected each day to take a ph...
MNIST to Memory
MNIST to MemoryNFTHack 2021
Generator zNFT markets - or genZNFTs - make for trade-able and update-able ...
NFT Creation Video Training for Non-Techies
NFT Creation Video Training for Non-TechiesNFTHack 2021
Step-by-step training for artists to create their first NFTs and successful...
Tiktok Tokens
Tiktok TokensNFTHack 2021
Tiktok creators turn their videos into NFTs and auction them
yaytsoNFTHack 2021
A silly platform for creating your own uniquely patterned egg. The user, o...
Reach-NFTNFTHack 2021
Creating NFT's from a creators perspective.
Every Thing's a Remix
Every Thing's a RemixNFTHack 2021
Win limited sneakers, deconstruct them, remix them into something new. Then...
DripNFTHack 2021
An affiliate marketplace for subscription services using cashflow NFTS powe...
Are we in the matrix ?
Are we in the matrix ? NFTHack 2021
Exploring how NFT could expand the definition of what we call art
HashchainNFTHack 2021
A free service for timestamping NFT files on the blockchain to avoid offcha...
Scholar.MarketNFTHack 2021
Marketplace for NFT's from writers & intellectuals.
Layered Music
Layered MusicNFTHack 2021
Generate your music using a subset of layers
NiftyShareNFTHack 2021
Share your favorite Zora NFTs distraction-free with some personal flair wit...
SprinklesNFTHack 2021
Sprinkles are cute, real-world, verifiable and electronic picture frames wh...
NFT fractionalization on Near protocol
NFT fractionalization on Near protocolNFTHack 2021
Fractionalize your Near NFTs into fungible tokens. Like NIFTEX but for Near
NFT Information Quick Search
NFT Information Quick SearchNFTHack 2021
A NFT search utility for NFT users without technical background
Dapp Ideas
Dapp IdeasNFTHack 2021
Mint[y] [fresh] ideas
42NFTsNFTHack 2021
Season Battle to tip the best creators.
Legal NFT
Legal NFTNFTHack 2021
LegalNFT is a licensing agreement generator and explorer for NFT
Molecule Protocol (KYC Demo)
Molecule Protocol (KYC Demo)NFTHack 2021
Use NFT as proof of KYC
GloatbookNFTHack 2021
Gloatbook is curated, aesthetic gallery and leaderboard for NFT Collectors ...
Cashcow 🐮
Cashcow 🐮NFTHack 2021
Cashcow is a system that allows a company to tokenize their future milk(cas...
OURZNFTHack 2021
Making it easy for collaborators to mint, showcase and monetize their work ...
Pownft graph
Pownft graphNFTHack 2021
A subgraph for the PowNFT project which allows users to query the contract ...
Ball Street
Ball StreetNFTHack 2021
Ball Street is a marketplace for trading sports cards where buyers purchase...
AlgoPainterNFTHack 2021
Make your own limited collectible crypto art using one of our digital artis...
Nifty Books
Nifty BooksNFTHack 2021
Nifty books empowers authors and enables secondary ebook markets with NFTs.
MintPrint.ioNFTHack 2021
A project for creators to mint and print NFTs paired with real-world merch...
Animal Money
Animal MoneyNFTHack 2021
Animal Money is an economic experiment in auctioning off a piece of art as ...
Crypto Stamps Graph Visualizer
Crypto Stamps Graph VisualizerNFTHack 2021
A subgraph to index Crypto Stamps built on The Graph along with a fancy tra...
Satellite.imNFTHack 2021
NFT stickers & emoji's built into a decentralized e2e encrypted chat applic...
ExpressNFTNFTHack 2021
We are building a mechanism to allow for locking up NFTs for use in larger ...
Bunchy Protocol
Bunchy ProtocolNFTHack 2021
Bunchy Protocol is a lending market protocol allowing users to use their NF...
PORT4NFTHack 2021
A whole new world of co-creation in VR
DynamicRareNFTHack 2021
Bonding Curve NFTs
ZeitGeistNFTHack 2021
They say you shouldn't collect things. Collect memories! Get a NFT Token, h...
CommuniftyNFTHack 2021
Communities built on NFTs. Use onchain NFT data to form social groups, conn...
Aztec NFTs Fractionals
Aztec NFTs FractionalsNFTHack 2021
Aztec Interactive NFTs Fractional Ownership using NIFTEX to provide liquid...
Confetti Vortex Cards
Confetti Vortex Cards NFTHack 2021
Confetti Vortex Cards are interactive and absorbing art NFTs that are owned...
Super Rinkeby Alpha
Super Rinkeby AlphaNFTHack 2021
A fully decentralized game on IPFS. Own one of the first fully decentralize...
TrueFansNFTHack 2021
Truefans is like web3 Patreon. This platform let fans to support creator us...
CryptoPixels.OrgNFTHack 2021 rewrites internet history - One million pixels to be sold a...
Streaming-income-share-agreementNFTHack 2021
Securing loans from lenders using future-income streams as collateral
Crypto Ricers
Crypto RicersNFTHack 2021
Crypto Ricers is a virtual game where users can build, own, and collect Ric...
DeCertifyNFTHack 2021
Create and Sign NFT Certificates
ClamSwapNFTHack 2021
A yield farming project backed by a fully integrated NFT gamification syste...
nftglitchNFTHack 2021
Make web 1.0 webpages in web 3.0 style – integrate the decentralized NFT ec...
CrowdXNFTHack 2021
Help new project to raise funds for long term growth.
Pin A Picture
Pin A PictureNFTHack 2021
Chrome extension to buy/sell cartoons images generated from images embedded...
MandalasNFTHack 2021
There are quindecillions (trillions of trillions...) of Mandalas, procedura...
The Impact Project
The Impact Project NFTHack 2021
The Impact Project enables access to support the United Nations 17 Sustaina...
NFTXhibitNFTHack 2021
A virtual space for exploring NFT collections.
MyNFTHackNFTHack 2021
Simple NFT minter
TuaTara NFT TV
TuaTara NFT TVNFTHack 2021
TuaTara TV is a live stream airing on DARK-labs's youtube channel composed ...
LifeCache - You Were Here
LifeCache - You Were HereNFTHack 2021
Social GeoCache of AR NFT content on the 3D Web
GFT (pronounced gift)
GFT (pronounced gift)NFTHack 2021
GFT.ART is a web based tool that creators can leverage to send NFTs and for...
bichosNFTHack 2021
An implementation of 'animals game' popular game on Brazil
Burst NFT
Burst NFTNFTHack 2021
NFTs to create asset baskets and OTC trades
NFTpediaNFTHack 2021
NFT tokenization of Wikipedia pages to help funding their services
MonEffTeeNFTHack 2021
Evolving NFTs
Radical NFTs
Radical NFTsNFTHack 2021
Mint, manage and market your Harberger assets.
NFT Gallery
NFT GalleryNFTHack 2021
Exlore the NFTs owned by an address in 3D
MyMuzayNFTHack 2021
Instantly turn your Instagram page into minted NFTs that you can sell!
NFT And me
NFT And meNFTHack 2021
Just by living, you are a piece of art. NFTize me allows you to create an N...
MousaiNFTHack 2021
Mousai is an NFT RoyaltyDAO that allows artists to share royalties with the...