After arriving on the UI, the client can choose from several physical real world materials/colours/shapes called items. Once you chose a combination of two items, you can construct the two ERC721's together to create a unique instruction ERC721. Once this unique ERC721 is created the items ERC721 tokens used gets burned – clients can no longer choose those items for their artist until the artist releases them again on the platform. The unique ERC721 instruction is then sent to the artist who will start work on his project (e.g., sculpture or painting) using the chosen items. The artist signs the new piece physically with the unique token hash generated on IPFS – the token hash is in the artwork! Once finished with the project the artist ships the physical piece to the buyer and the ERC721 gets updated with all the digital copies, photos, 3D models etc on IFPS. Cryptographically bound on the blockchain forever!

ArtAlchemy showcase

How it's made

This is a very basic concept project which was not totally completed due to a lack of time and beginner level coder. This project was heavily leveraged on scaffold-eth-buyer-mints-nft. Some changes were made to the solidity smart contract and demonstrate the concept of our proposal. Techonolgies used: scaffold-eth, OpenZeppelin, IPFS, Pinata

Technologies used