Our team wanted to explore the boundaries between the physical world and the digital world. We built a web app that facilitates confirmation of NFT ownership as a means to redeam the physical 3D printed and painted model. Whether you scan the QR code on the NFT render or the physical model, you will be brought to our web application where we display additional information from the artist and see progress. If your wallet owns the NFT, you can add additional owner information. This component is still a work in progress.

Big Miniature Tokens showcase

How it's made

For NFT Hack, Big Miniature World has partnered directly with 3D artist Danny McMullen to release a brand new, exclusive NFT, Cthulhu Collector’s Edition. Minted through Hackathon sponsor Foundation, the owner of this 1 of a kind NFT will be granted access to redeem the real world, Collectors Edition model. -React for the frontend -Slim ruby on rails API connected to a Postgres database for storing additional off-chain information about the Art. -Truffle suite for the owner contract -Ganache to run Ethereum locally. -NFT minted through Foundation

Technologies used