Bunchy Protocol

Bunchy Protocol is a lending market protocol allowing users to use their NFT as collateral. Start getting leverage on your NFT 💐


Vision Capitalism is based on privacy property, free market and capital accumulation. Like barbed wire made possible the fencing-off of vast ranches, NFT will alter thus re-define the concepts of property. NFT is the new form of capital. Use NFLend to accumulate on top of your NFT. Problem 1 to 1 NFT collaterized loans are economically unefficient and not scalable. NFT pool mechanism present important disagreement : when withdrawing your NFT, you have no insurance you will unlock the same one. Solution A marketing making solution for NFT collaterized loan that guarantees (1) exact NFT conservation (2) immediate loan (3) evolution of collateral based on NFT live valuation. An additional yield for lending platform liquidity providers. We are building to allow us to accumulate on top.

How it's made

This project uses NFTX pools as pricing and liquidation mechanism for collateralized NFTs. A user can deposit NFTs into the smart contract and use them as collateral for withdrawing DAI. Liquidity providers can deposit and lend DAI via the smart contract. Outstanding issues: - Missing conversion MASK price in ETH -> price in DAI - Liquidation is missing selling MASK for DAI The tech stack used is - Typescript/JS - Solidity - Typechain - Hardhat - Truffle Team - React - Material UI The demo version runs on a forked mainnet deployed at the endpoint: https://sandbox.truffleteams.com/0a8d1f80-44ed-49e0-972b-09709b4fe2b3 In order to test the demo you need to create a custom RPC network using the endpoint above.

Technologies used