Cashcow is a system that allows a company to tokenize their future milk(cash flow) and enable them to sell it on the market(Open Sea, OTC) today. Cashcow is a super app build on top of @ Superfluid_HQ and @Polygon A business can tokenize part of their cashflows into a stream-bearing NFT which entitles it's owner to those cashflows. By doing this, the business can get advances on their future income, and access to not-fully-collateralized finance in a trustless way. Check out our presentation:

How it's made

Superfluid is a superApp built on @Superfluid_HQ, and uses standard openZeppelin ERC721 to ensure compatibility with other secondary NFT markets. It leverages Superfluid callbacks to enable an automated redirection of cashflows. NFT owners have first preference, while the owner takes the rest of the cashflows. NFT owners are reserved a specific amount in $$/day. If income is reduced, the owner is the first to lose their income, after that, NFTs take the hit sequentially, so each NFT has it's own risk profile!

Technologies used