512 is a magic number for computing. 512 bits equals 64 bytes 64 bytes can store 2^512 values with is 1.340781e+154. 512 qubits = 2^512 bits There are 512 block sculptures available. The blocks of a metaphor of the blockchain. Each sculpture is an 8x8x8 Cube containing binary information. Users can draw a cube. Generate a random one. Or encode text into their cube. Or you can clone somebody else's cube, and the original creator gets a commission. When all 512 cubes are created, a meta cube of all the creations will be created, containing the encrypted data from all 512 cubes. Each new sculpture doubles the price of the next mint. Starting from 0.001953125 (1/512 = 1 byte). Sculpture 2 costs 0.00390625 (2/512 = 2 bytes) Sculpture 3 costs 0.0078125 (4/512 = 4 bytes) Sculpture 4 costs 0.015625 (8/512 = 1 bit) etc. No IFPS used. The whole artwork sits on the chain as a hash. The idea for the project is to be lazy minted on Rarible

Cipher Blocks showcase

How it's made

javascript. threejs. html. blood sweat and tears. i used an old JS library i developed for creative coding years ago. I worked solo, because I couldn't find a team mate and joined late. so pretty impressed how far i got. but i didn't get to do any of the backend stuff. stressing because time is up and im writing this still :)

Technologies used