Collectors.Cafe is a social network to discover, exhibit and trade NFTs across multiple platforms. It's live at: Features: 1. Discovery: -- Users can discovery fun or beautiful NFTs created on all Ethereum based platforms. -- Users can discover cool NFT creators and collectors across platforms. -- Users can follow/unfollow other users -- Users can like/unlike other people's NFT items. 2. Exhibit: -- Users can show off their NFTs by creating their own showrooms. 3. Trade: -- Users can buy, sell or swap NFTs across multiple marketplaces. They can even do NFT-to-NFT swapping.

CollectorsCafe showcase

How it's made

-- Uses the Covalent APIs to obtain information on a given user's NFTs as well as details (including metadata and current price etc.) for any given NFT. -- Uses the Rarible Order Discovery APIs to discover orders and create new orders. Interact with the Rarible exchange smart contract to fill orders -- (Unfinished) Use IPFS to store network data. -- Frontend: built with Vue.js -- Backend: built with Node.js, Express.js. -- Database: currently using MongoDB. Planning to to use IPFS (potentially OrbitDB) eventually.

Technologies used