Inspired by Gary V's talk, we pivoted our project to Communifty! This project parses onchain NFT data to form social communities and groups to connect NFT creators and collectors, and verify memberships using wallet addresses. Communities are formed around NFT creators or projects (e.g. Cryptopunks, Beeple, etc) and community members are addresses that (currently or previously) own NFTs from this creator or project. Within each community, creators and collectors can create private and public groups to share exclusive content, updates, or private chats. Members can update the community wiki. Non-members can follow creators, collectors, groups and communities for public updates and learn more about NFTs. For NFT creators, they gain insights into their community, make connections and get feedback from their collectors, and easily share or reward their collectors with exclusive downloads or content. For NFT collectors, they can connect with the creator and other collectors, access exclusive content, take part in shaping the story of their NFT communities. There has been a lot of focus on NFT transaction volume and prices. We want to enhance the enjoyment and experience of being part the NFT culture by focusing on the social connections and community storytelling. Quick info slides:

Communifty showcase

How it's made

We use TheGraph to parse NFT data and Metamask/Web3 to derive communities around ownership. This is a NextJS web app using Web3/Metamask to verify community membership. The frontend is design in Figma, built with React. The backend is built with Rails, PostgreSQL, and Redis. And we built cacheable APIs + session management to enhance user experience.

Technologies used