It combines the features of ERC20 tokens and ERC721(NFT) tokens and helps the project in raising funds for long term growth . Suppose a Project want to raise the funds for the mainnet launch , they will be distributing the Ptoken(project token) to the investors. After the funding , usually investors sells these token, when trading get started for Ptoken at secondary market , due to which price of a token get plunged and affect the growth of the project. Crowdx solve this problem with the help of bonds, As investor invest funds on the project corresponding Ptoken will get locked on smart contact issue the bonds to investor. Now investors have freedom to sell these bonds on a secondary market without affecting the price of Token which in turn support the long term growth of the project.

CrowdX showcase

How it's made

This project uses the ERC20 for issuing the Project token(Ptoken) & ERC721 standard for issuing the nft token which represent bonds . we deployed our contract on Matic mainnet for low gas fees and faster transaction. when a funder fund the project smart contract lock the corresponding Ptoken in the contract and issue a bond to the investor.

Technologies used