Crypto stamp were the world’s first ever blockchain stamp NFT, with currently with 2000+ holders and 40,000+ transfers (currently ranked 7 on OpenSea by holders!). With the heavy movement of these stamps I though it would be really cool to index these transactions, render the movements and spot any patterns that would be hard to see otherwise.

Crypto Stamps Graph Visualizer showcase

How it's made

This project consisted of 2 portions: building the subgraph to be indexed and creating the visualizer. The subgraph was written using the tooling provided by The Graph and deployed to their hosted service ( Currently it has indexed over 70,000+ entities! Once the subgraph was indexed, the frontend was built using React along with a D3-based graph visualizer. Tying the GraphQL datastore provided by The Graph with the frontend led to an amazing visualization of the movement of every stamp token on the network!

Technologies used