The goal of the platform was to allow for users to view their music related NFTs across the network. One of the larger issues is that collectors would need to visit different platforms to their collectables. Cryptobeats addresses that issue by allowing for a single place to showcase many of your collectables. This offers a larger opportunity for collectors to showcase their collection by sharing one link. Additionally, listeners are able to enjoy content casually, viewing and creating playlists, while also learning about the track information (owner, last price, current owner, etc). Cryptobeats hopes to establish a strong community where music lovers can enjoy and support new beats from their favourite artist, and discover new flavours from up and coming artists.

How it's made

This project uses the Zora protocol to allow artists to create and mint their new beats onto the network. Built on react, this webapp is designed in mind for enjoyability first, allowing for even casual users to enjoy the platform. To store the metadata and content, we used IPFS to host our data. One of the coolest features is our song showcase, a full screen page that allows the listener to fully immerse in the content and engage with the waveform data.

Technologies used