In 2005 Alex Tew wrote internet history. The milliondollarhomepage was sold out. Today, this website is more broken than alright, not being maintained, encrypted nor do the subpages work anymore. Most likely, the website will be shut down at some point. But times have changed. Today we can make sure that these sold pixels don't loose value. With NFTs the become tradable! How nice is that? Also, we can save the meta information decentralized and host the code open sourced. Should the website go down, someone else could easily rebuild it.

How it's made

Using Austin Griffith scaffolding and Pinata's IPFS service, we're using React and a selection library to display 1 million pixels and make them selectable. To make it more useful and performant, we don't sell 1 mio pixels, but 10x10px blocks. Even then we have great performance issues to overcome. The solidity contract allows to lazy mint multiple NFTs at once and utilizes OpenZeppelin's PullPayment contract to charge for the NFTs.

Technologies used