The NFTs are here. They have been here for a while now actually; and, their presence is growing. But why limit ourselves to media in terms of collectibles? We can be minting so much more! For example, ideas! Simple project ideas. Maybe, you are a person who has an idea and has a MVP, but no way to earn some money. Well, with the NFI, you can earn just for the idea. With that money, the things you could do! Or maybe you are a little like me where you seldom move from ideas. Because there are so many of course. But you still cannot lose them. For they're all so good! So, you mint yourself a fresh new NFI. It costs atleast a hundred bucks. That should provide some motivation. Or the fact that now, it is out in the open and the longer you go without completing it, the more shameful it is. That's another motivator. But, lets be real. You'd probably still never complete it. But, it is now out in the open. In various marketplaces. So many eyeballs, so many neurons, so many connections. Someone is bound to make the thing you so desire to see in the world. And that is worth the hundred you put in. And you'd probably get some from the sale too. In all, this is a perhaps feeble atempt at providing a means of income [read: seed] for one and all. And isn't that what blockchain is all about?

How it's made

The original plan was to have an iOS app that communicates with a node server to mint NFIs and bid on them. However, we did not have enough time to complete this and ended up focusing on the UI, to show how the app might feel. We implemented the API endpoints in typescript using Zora's ZDK. We tried to also make our schema as we only wanted to create a marketplace for NFIs and the ZDK offered the capability. However, we fell short on writing tests for our schema and had to pivot to using Zora's metadata for our schema. We also used the private beta of from protocol labs to store our idea-icon, idea-json, and generated metadata. However, as time started running out, we pivoted again to build a minimum viable product to at least show the use case and the feel of the marketplace. While not ideal, we are happy to be at least submitting something somewhat complete and not giving up and regretting for weeks later.