Drip brings takes affiliate (referral) marketing + subscription payments from the limited legacy system and brings them into the web 3 universe. Building on L2 (Polygon) and, low-fee subscription payments are now possible on Ethereum. Our marketplace allows for affiliates and influencers to generate referral links (NFTs) and earn commission in a permisionless manner. Lost and slow payments are a non-issue as the company selling the subscription and the influencer that brought them there get paid together in real time. Bringing it all together, these cashflow NFTs are now tradeable, verified assets within the Drip marketplace, unlocking new liquidity for valuable assets of the web 3 information economy.

Drip showcase

How it's made

Drip uses payment streams on Polygon (low fees). We wrote smart contracts on top of SuperFluid finance which stream money to the affiliate. The front end interface is built in React which utilizes a Web 3 API library to interact with the smart contracts. Generating an affiliate link mints an ERC-721 token (NFT) which then receives a corresponding portion of the payment streams.

Technologies used