Our goal is to let users buy NFT representing endangered animals in order to pool all the funds to earn interest and invest it in animal conservation in the real world. Each animal-NFT has different price/number depending on the endangered level (more endangered, less nº of available copies). Once a NFTs is purchased, a % goes to the artists and the rest to the pool fund, where all the funds are gaining interest on Compound in order to be able to give money to NGOs, projects and regions that help preserve this animals.

Endangered NFTs showcase

How it's made

The project is build with scaffold-eth, web3 and NFTE library. The scaffold-eth + hardhat is used to develop the whole project and Web3 to interact with the frontend. Also we used NFTE library to display in the different NFTs. We plan to add integrations to different well know marketplaces like OpenSea, Zora, Rarible, etc.

Technologies used