Entropy is about building generative artworks based on composable collections of unique seed NFTs. The baseline of Entropy are 8x8 bitmap "tiles" that can be interpreted as bitmap pictures in the simplest case. The idea is that everyone who owns more than one low entropy tile is entitled to "mine" higher entropy ones by assembling them using bitwise operations. Each bit on that bitmap corresponds with an ambient sound. Our base inventory of 64 sound seeds has been happily provided by Gaston and we think they sound awesome each. But: played together they'll make a fresh new sound scape that's based on the entropy in the bitmap pattern. You can play with them in a sandbox mode: to find out what's possible. Once you own the entropy NFT you're the owner of the generative seed that'll let you play more complex sounds. Since the bitmap pattern can be expressed as an 8 byte number, it perfectly fits into the tokenId of an ERC721 smart contract. Hence, each bitmap tile is unique. To get started with Entropy we minted all 64 bit seeds as NFTs and are going to airdrop them among our good friends or sell them on Rarible. We didn't only use audio tunes to "display" the bitmaps but also built an entropy based graphics visualization. This doesn't work for any tile because of our algorithm yet, but you can see a working example here: (click on the header). Our creative head Emily has built a really fancy Javascript approach to paint even nicer ones but that didn't make it into our code base (yet). The outlook for this is: you can use fundamental seed entropy to build and own acoustic building blocks. On another generation of the token these building blocks are assembled towards more complex structures - in audio that would mean harmonies or melodies for example. On the next generation those are assembled towards a chorus line or verse and finally to a piece of music. All contributors can earn royalties for having contributed their ideas to a final piece.

Entropy showcase

How it's made

Technically we're relying on OpenZeppelin base contracts and have added a "mintWithTokens" function that can be called with up to 10 seed tiles. Since this is a general ERC721 token it shows up on token marketplaces like Rarible automatically. Besides we're using truffle, React and web3 to build the frontend (Behnam) and the integration (Stefan). The sound generation happens plainly in the browser, with all seed tunes stored on IPFS (QmP45p1jJyYBzbCywn6XkLtN9eZ7UqnJC2G19W8Lwfc9eN). The NFT metadata is served by a serverless function that we deployed on Vercel. Another service creates the generated artwork. The Dapp is served through Fleek / IPFS and thereby unstoppable.

Technologies used