Please see powerpoint description : Ethernaal Artist create flashes, which are manual draw drafted over a piece of transparent paper sheet. The Flash is then digitalized and turned into a single unique NFT, redeemable against the tattoo and/or the original flash. The price of the tattoo and it´s consumable are included in the NFT.

Ethernaal showcase

How it's made

Please see powerpoint description : Ethernaal aims to be a collective platform around which the tattoo industry can evolve in the digital world, it aims to leverage Decentralized protocol to generate income, handle it´s own treasury and acquire digital art from other artists to build the Ethernaal Digital Art Museum. Artists onboarded are free to mint non-redeemable NFT art (not binding to a tattoo) which are called “limited editions”. In order to participate in governance, decision making on artist onboarding, ethical censorship, to book a session with a tattoo artist or to submit a custom design request the $NAAL governance token is required.

Technologies used