Func is an NFT interface. Connect your wallet and Func will detect the NFTs you own and expose all of the functionality available to those tokens. From displaying unlockable content, to accessing social features for fellow collectors, selling, trading, or engaging DeFi functionality, Func is the answer to "but what can you DO with them?" We believe, as this space matures, creative people will realize all sorts of new ways to use new and old NFTs, and NFT owners will need somewhere to go to discover and engage that functionality. We imagine a collector getting their hands on a new NFT and coming straight to Func to see what it can do. We built the back-end so that users would need to hold the FUNC KEY NFT we minted on Rarible to access deeper Func features, but we didn't get a chance to complete everything we wanted to do in the last 48 hours... I guess we'll have to keep building ;) Here's the NFT btw:

FUNC showcase

How it's made

Func is an html/css app, which interacts with the user's metamask wallet. NFT’s in the user’s wallet are detected in app by retrieving logs of ERC721 Transfer events. Once the NFT's have been detected, the metadata from each NFT is retrieved and displayed in a portfolio. Each NFT can be clicked on to inspect the image and all the metadata, as well as access special functions! The drop smart contract is written in solidity and allows users to schedule a drop for any NFT they own. Once the user has “dropped” an NFT and a countdown period elapsed, anybody can buy that NFT for the designated price. Another function we implemented during the hackathon, is the ability to burn any token you hold. Ethersjs was used to connect the NFT smart contract and implement all the "funcs" for each NFT

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityIPFSFigmaphotoshopAdobe Premiere