We built a discovery platform where new emerging NFT artists/musicians can build a community, receive feedback, and receive an upvote to help their visibility for potential bids. In short, product hunt for NFT’s. The platform will support the launch of their genesis NFTs. Connect to existing platforms like OpenSea, Zora, and Foundation and easily share with your friends and network. This project addresses five key issues we’ve noticed in the NFT community such as discoverability, feedback, selling, gas fees, and time. Discoverability for NFT artists can be challenging and confusing given the space is fairly new. People are relying on Twitter (Retweets, Hashtags, or Posting) or existing friendships hoping someone online or a friend buys/ puts a bid for their NFT. Artists love feedback and are always looking for ways to improve their artwork whether digital, music or traditional. The feedback feature can help the artists get a better idea what to put out in the world. Public figures or people with a large following on social platforms are the most benefiting the most from bids or buys. There is so much artistic talent not getting noticed. Most of the NFT community are having a hard time selling or little to no visibility. Gas fee's to mint an NFT are high. Making artists question whether they should mint media. It takes time to make an art piece. Artists/Investors/Buyers value their limited time. Our platform will help all stakeholders have a much better experience. Features: Our platform has 5 basic features such as hunt, trending, submit, search, and profile. On the hunt section, you will be able to find daily hunts of upvoted artwork. On the trending platform, you will be able to see what artwork is trending. The submit feature will allow the submit content to the platform so the artists can receive some feedback, gain visibility, and opportunity to build a community. The searching feature will allow users to search for new, old, or particular artists they have come to follow. Of course, you have your profile section where you can upload a photo of yourself.

How it's made

The concept started as an idea. Caitlin sent me the link for the hackathon. The figma prototype was created through 5 wireframes: home page, artist profile, pre-launch, launch, and education. We used adobe photoshop for the imagery. The technologies we used were Figma, React, Ionic, and Firebase.

Technologies used

FigmaphotoshopAdobe Premiere