Introduction Our goal is to create a tool that facilitates widespread access to NFTs. We aim to achieve this by empowering creatives to enhance engagement with fans by unlocking a novel way to distribute, tokenize, and sell their digital work at scale. All with a lens of efficiency & ease of use. Our project is GFT (, a web based tool that facilitates the digital interaction experience between art fans and creators through gifting. GFT provides a gas efficient way for creators to gift (airdrop) an NFT to fans at scale - creating an educational experience for consumers new to the NFT and crypto space. Our project aims to: Increase usage of NFTs by empowering more digital art collectors Increase adoption and education of ETH & ETH wallets Lower barrier to entry by decreasing costs for artists while they increase awareness Lower barrier to entry by removing start-up costs for new NFTs owners We are solving a number of obstacles for both art collectors and consumers.There is a significant opportunity to scale the adoption of NFTs and we believe GFT.ART is a viable solution. Creators need increased distribution opportunities and are concerned about cost prohibitive gas fees. On the consumer side, becoming knowledgeable about and engaging with NFTs can be difficult and intimidating. Specifically, the vast majority of NFT platforms today require users to understand many aspects of Ethereum without providing the resources for them to do so. GFT.ART benefits creators in 3 main ways: -Send NFTs at scale, Ability to send, for example, 10, 50, 100+ NFTs with just a few clicks -More cost efficient, Lower gas by decreasing frequency of transactions (a creator can send NFTs to over 50 people with one transaction versus paying a gas fee sending NFTs individually) -Gain supporters, Broad opportunity to reach existing and new supporters with NFT giveaways The process for creators: The creator would post on their twitter a giveaway, supporters are prompted to respond and tag their friends. The creator picks the winner and leverages GFT to send NFTs to the selected winners with 1 transaction (inputting twitter handles). The creator also has the option to subsidize the ETH the winners have to pay to open their wallet. GFT.ART benefits consumers in 3 main ways: -Learn as you go, Receive prompted education on NFTs and crypto throughout user journey of GFT -Guidance along the way, Learn how to open a crypto wallet including safety & security considerations through aggregated information -Gain ownership, those new to NFT complete the process having now owned NFTs from their favorite digital artists The process for consumers: The consumer would enter the giveaway and tag their friends. They are notified that they’ve won on twitter. From there, the winner enters the GFT user journey to learn about opening a secure & safe ETH wallet and owning the NFT they’ve been sent. Now this user is set up and more knowledgeable about the NFT process. The goal is they continue to interact in the NFT space now that GFT has helped them overcome any onboarding hesitations. -- GFT.ART makes NFTs more accessible and as NFTs have high growth potential. The NFT art market volume and user generated content is growing and gft helps consumers easily access NFTs and helps make NFT interaction a familiar experience. NFTs have exposed a creative side of crypto that is not only fun to play, but digestible and accessible to new users. As bigger names host their first NFT drops, they bring a new wave of attention to their millions of followers noticing crypto for the first time. Target Audience 1. Digital Creators: this group will be sending gfts to followers through giveaways and other contests on twitter. Their goal is often to make a living through the sale of digital art. Some of their followers have crypto wallets and have had experience with NFTs, but most do not. GFT helps supporters become familiar with new ways to engage and support digital artists. As mentioned, GFT allows a digital artist to raise awareness of their art, but also enables them to send to a number of supporters through one transaction, helping them find efficiency in gas fees. 2. Art Enthusiasts: this group will be receiving the NFTs in this journey and they follow a number of digital artists across social, but is unsure how to best support artists who are now leveraging the NFT space. GFt is useful as it removes start-up costs and provides education throughout the user journey. This person is able to gain awareness of new and existing artists and grow their collection. 3. Crypto Curious: this group has heard a lot about NFTs and crypto and wants to learn more about the hype. They talk with their friends and what they’ve read but don’t know nor have direct access to anyone that’s considered an expert in these areas. The Crypto Curious are looking for one-stop- educational-shop to start their NFT journey - this is where they can leverage GFT.ART which provides “learn as you go” guidance from notification of being gifted an NFT through wallet set up and NFT ownership. In the future, GFT.ART can scale through established businesses who can leverage GFT.ART as a new way to engage and retain fans/supporters. Emerging businesses (Ex. Restaurants, Galleries, and Boutique stores) can also leverage GFT.ART to market to consumers and announce grand openings and better celebrate their tentpole moments with new NFT experiences. About the team: Val Mack, Back-end Developer Roxanne Ravago, Product Designer Reaal Khalil, Back-end Developer Elliot Blanchard, Front-end Developer Sasha Mack, Strategy & Operations View our final deck here:

GFT (pronounced gift) showcase

How it's made

We leveraged the following technologies for this hack: Sponsor Tech: Rarible, Zora, Protocol Labs, Superrare Other tech: Ethereum, OpenSea, Scaffold-eth, Hardhat, Figma, Contrast App (Color accessibility checker), Coolors (Color palette builder), React Challenges/Hacks: We can automatically generate new wallets for our twitter recipients who may not already have addresses using burner wallets The Twitter API was challenging to work with but using timestamps and deduplication we are able to get a reliable list of tweet repliers We are able to send multiple types of NFTs to many people at once Using 721’s as well as 1155’s For more than half the group-this was our first hack! Frontend: Anyone can easily send multiple NFTs to many different people via Ethereum address or without having their address at all. We have a frontend interface that allows you to select or input Twitter handles and have your NFTs airdropped to Twitter users. Backend: When a new GFT is created we are using a backend Node.js Express app to custodially generate burner wallets. Users get access to the burner keypair through a Twitter authentication. We act as a trusted party and on the frontend explicitly encourage users to move their NFTs from the burner to a secure wallet. The other major piece of making this an accessible tool with emphasis on usability was our ability to use the Twitter API to collect usernames of people who reply in a tweet thread. This helps support creators who are non-technical so that getting their NFTs to a large group of people becomes as simple as sending a tweet. We are really pleased with our result and hope you enjoy it too! Our team was very well-rounded and leveraged a diverse set of skills to pull off this ambitious project. We had 2 back-end developers, 1 new front-end developer, a business strategist and a product designer.

Technologies used