Are you a celebrity? didn't think so... but if you were, you just need login with your twitter, and can start signing autographs and sending them to your fans world-wide, all without getting out of your jacuzzi just open the hashink app and scribble your john hancock. do you have a fav celeb? send him an autograph request and get your autograph while he's waiting for a taxi—easy peasy lemon squeezy! so long as we're at it... lets get celebrities to compete on who cares most about their fans with a celeb high score table and let them choose the signature background to whatever they want! leo messi? stadium michael jordan? basketball snoop dog? some photo of his weed Paris Hilton? her mini chihuahua Tinkerbell Fans want a personalized connection with their celebs, and we’ve got that covered! How about a personalized shout out from a celeb with a video of them signing your autograph, oh yea we’ve got that too. Wait, there’s more? Yes! You know that beeple you just bought for 69M at Christies, well beeple can sign that NFT on our app and now it’s worth 100M! Even cooler than that? Yep, we invented something called GroupSig; where multiple people can sign an NFT. Imagine you’ve got the digital cover of the Beetles album. You can send it to the entire gang and they can all sign it! Fans can show off their autographs in a digital notebook which they can share with their friends on all their social platforms. Oh, you’re such a Show off! celebs get to sign autographs during covid, and we get to sell our celebrity’s handwritten signature on ethereum in 10 years for millions This process is transparent on blockchain, there’s a secondary market because we know everyone can always use some extra dough, and it’s secure for the celebs—no personalized info sent out, thus no scary stalkers. Goodbye greedy Middleman who take 30-50% of an autograph, all that change goes into the celebs pocket. Hop on board as a celeb or a fan, we’ve got you covered!

hashink showcase

How it's made

- PWA app with a drawing canvas, built with: ---- nextjs, ---- react, ---- chakra-ui, ---- typescript, ---- and of course, solidity - app showcases a high score table for ranking celebs - a unique NFT is created for each autograph, and is sent to a fan address the app is fully decentralized. ethereum is awesome

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityIPFSphotoshopAdobe Premierescaffold-ethHardhatRemix