So many artwork and creative people still has no exposure to digital world, some of them maybe too focus on their artwork, some probably cant even remember where they wrote and put their email password when they need it. Many artwork have become an inheritance for generations, from the past creator or owner to their family or friend, the artwork represent history of their world, for people around their environment, even for people who only saw or heard their artwork in a magazine or in a radio. Digital world over the computer has evolved in to our hands, as our daily grips, to get and send information, reliable way to communicate, to a contract or signed paper needed to make agreements done between each other. This transformation has a big power for an artwork which they now can be enjoyed and appreciated across borders, across time, beyond its capacity as a physical artwork when digitalized properly. Any how, transforming from physical object to digital files as an object need to be done in such way that might involved a community of people with different kind of expertise, and of course, a bunch of hardware and software. A decentralized and automatic execution of smart contract that correspond to any stream of revenue from the sells of digital files created from that process can flourished the art community across the globe, around the artworks, not only just for its owner/creator, the way that will kept the value within them while spreading the beauty and excitement represented in arts. HeavenlyJungle NFT’s Painting masterpiece that has been created since 1996 by an Indonesian artist named Iweng (Irwan Bagja) consist of 26 different panel for a one giant painting artwork. It has been exhibited several number of times, locally and also internationally. Because its giant size, to have it up all the time and get exposure from fine art lovers, it has a downside when the owner do not own a proper space. In the end of the project of digitalize the painting and selling NFTs of it, that proper space should have the resources it need to make the painting available to the masses anytime.

HeavenlyJungle NFT's Collectibles showcase

How it's made

Painting will be photographed and digitally restructured in some form of files that can be enlarged up to twice the scale of original painting, this will use photoshop and other photo editors. The platform for NFT-ing the assets will use solidity, web3,js, react.js, Open Zeppelin, Pinata, moralis and pivotal-ui.

Technologies used

EthereumSolidityIPFSphotoshopAdobe Premiere