Indiestarter is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that connects the potential of creators with the power of investors. People in crypto are early adopters by nature, and combining that with a trustless way of investing in upcoming creators creates an exciting new aspect to crowdfunding. Creators will go to Indiestarter to launch a campaign to fund a creative project, they'll start working on. The project will eventually be minted as an NFT, so it could basically be anything from an album to a blog post. The fundraise will help the creators pay the expenses, while at the same time allowing investors to invest early in the project.

Indiestarter showcase

How it's made

Indiestarter's front-end is built in TypeScript and React.js, using ethers.js etc. Indiestarter utilizes the Zora protocol, their Subgraph (The Graph) and IPFS for everything around creators and cryptomedia, including minting thereof. This will ensure data consistency, and ensure that the cryptomedia is actually minted BY the creator initially. Further down the road, Indiestarter will utilize Polygon to ensure low gas fees, eventually removing any entry barrier for the non-crypto audience. Investors will eventually have profiles on Indiestarter as well, to be able to "flex" and showcase investments, create leaderboards on creator profiles etc. ENS is implemented to make the platform feel more like an actual 'social' platform. Other than that, Indiestarter is built on Ethereum, as it has the, by far, biggest ecosystem to support Indiestarter. The smart contracts are written in Solidity, with the help of Hardhat and OpenZeppelin. Sharded NFT ownership in Indiestarter is built using the ERC20 and ERC721 standards, where smart contracts issue ERC20 tokens representing ownership of an ERC721. An easy pledging flow is like the checkout flow for an e-commerce store. It should be as smooth as possible, with as little friction as possible. Therefore, Indiestarter will be utilizing Depay, to make it possible for backers to pledge in any currency, while the creator receives the payment in the currency of their choice.

Technologies used